45 Tricks to Cheat Starvation


Although they say there is no escape from starvation, we know quite a lot of effective ways to cheat it!

1. Drink plenty

The stomach could be fooled with liquid which will dulls hunger. Try to drink a cup of green tea, a glass of tomato power or mineral water with a cut of lemon.

2. Eat with silence

If you have your meal when listening to music or watching youtube, you will eat more because of being distracted from the process.

3. Create a hot bath

This will help you relax and lower your appetite, and greater sweating will rid the entire body of excess fluid.

4. Undertake sports

When you feel overwhelming hunger, train. A little exercise can distract from the compulsive desire to take and help burn calories.

5. Deal with color

Blue is sure to reduce appetite, when yellow, orange, and crimson awaken it. Tip: get a cobalt dinner set, a glowing blue tablecloth and a blue dress for special occasions.

The same applies to this tablecloths and curtains. Moreover- simply no panels with beautiful fresh fruits baskets on the walls are permitted.

6. Use aromatherapy

It can reduce appetite. When it appears unexpectedly, you can odor perfume, aromatic oil, fire up an aroma candle, or simply smell a grapefruit stem. Fruit and floral fragrances give the best effect. Thanks to a special location of aroma and hunger centers (next to each other), smells can restrain hunger for a while.

7. Pamper yourself

A gentle dessert (low-fat yogurt, fruit, the slice of dark chocolate) just after dinner is perfect to improve the mood and fight appetite, extra it right away.

8. Listen to yourself

If our body has signaled hunger C eat. Nevertheless, if you are already full, in that case stop. Give up the habit of eating to keep somebody business, or during lunch, so hungry.

9. Eat without additives

Eat one more meal of the day without placing herbs and spices. They can strengthen the appetite and hunger even after the meal.

10. Enjoy food

Do not punish your system with hunger or tasteless food. Let grilled foods and sweets remain in your food intake, if you love them.

However, have them only once a week and only in modest portions. Learn some new tasty recipes of salads with organic olive oil and seafood to enjoy preparing and eating them.

11. Move more

A research by Scottish scientists said that if you walk in the ticket before a meal, you will truly feel less hungry. This is due to the particular saturation with oxygen. For those who have no opportunity to walk, you are able to take a few deep breaths and exhale. Exercise will also help: squatting, bending along with stretching.

12. Have a good sleep

When striving to lose weight naturally, you will have to sleep well: to go to mattress in time, eat little before bed (it interferes with sleep due to the fact digestion is very active soon after meals!).

13. Count steps

It is normal for making 10,000 steps each and every day. Special devices, some of which are produced into mobile phones or wrist watches, can measure them.

14. Wander before bedtime

Such walks are able to move from hungry thoughts. Nonetheless, keep in mind that fresh air may stimulate your appetite, so drift off right after the walk.

15. Aroma peppermint, banana, apple

These smells is able to reduce appetite and thus the amount of meals eaten. It helps in the deal with obesity.

16. Brush your teeth

After an evening meal, brush your teeth immediately to circumvent the desire to eat again before going to bed C after all, you have flushed your teeth!

17. Visualize

Imagine as clearly as they can that you are attractive, charming, slim and beautiful. Can this lovely woman go and feed on before bed? Look at slim models in fashion magazines to curb appetite completely.

18. Do not eat in the dark

A professor of Institution of California arranged candle-lit dinners with his students two weeks back to back, and that proved people are struggling to control themselves in the dark. The particular receptors’ sensitivity increases, and positively everything, including ordinary breads, seems unusually appetizing.

19. Don’t starve

Keep the energy value of your diet previously 1200 and below 1800 kcal. Both extremes are bad for that body.

20. Eat according to a good schedule

Develop the habit of eating with schedule. In this case, blood sugar stage is stabilized, and the body will demand food only during selected hours.

21. Do not skip meals

Do not necessarily stay without food over 4 hours in a row. Require not have time to get famished and will not overeat.

22. Drink well before meals

Before the meal, drink a glass of water – you will suppress the opinion of hunger and moderately fill the stomach.

23. Put a mirror in front of you on the table

American research has revealed that those who are watching the reflection eat 22% less.

24. Do remember the greens

Chew a sprig of parsley. A bitter taste weakens appetite.

25. Launch your day with cottage cheese and also yogurt

It is best to start the day having yogurt or cottage cheese. People that eat 3 servings of dairy foods per day, lose 60% ??more excess fat than those who simply reduce the calories.

26. Follow the law of 20 minutes

The rule connected with 20 minutes goes like this: if you managed to have lunch inside 20 minutes, the brain does not have time for you to get the information that you are complete, and continues to require foods.

27. Eat fruit

If you want something nice, regale yourself with fresh fruit. In case you just want a snack, eat grain loaf or, yet again, some fruit: they consist of fiber to satisfy your starvation for a long time.

28. Keep the refrigerator full

The icebox should always contain healthy food! This saves you from unplanned visits to takeaway food or ice cream/hot dogs vendor.

29. Beware of hot sauces

Spicy sauces and seasonings like Tabasco, chili, garlic herb, or pepper not only spark digestion, but also incite hunger.

30. Never snack on the go

Never eat the go, standing at the cooker or refrigerator, or you will actually eat more.

31. Eat potatoes

Contrary to the well-liked belief and the belief for many nutritionists, potatoes are not the particular worst enemy of thinness. Due to the high starch articles, potato dishes longer uphold a feeling of satiety and do not permit the level of blood sugar drop.

This means that you do not want to eat, especially sweet things, for a longer time. Eat boiled and also baked potatoes without artificial additives. Choose those varieties of spuds that are not boiled soft.

32. Do self-massage

Hunger is often suppressed by self-massage: for a few minutes, press the pad of the center finger on the point regarding the nose and the upper top rated.

33. Garlic

The worst enemy of desire for food is garlic. Pound a few cloves of garlic and pour a glass of frigid boiled water over it. In a day, the actual infusion is ready. Take 1 tbsp at bedtime.

34. Vegetables and beef for dinner

Vegetables with a piece of boiled steak (no later than 2 hours before bedtime) are best for dinner. Amino acids in meat activate fat-burning hormones throughout sleep.

35. Have 5 meals a day

Replace three meals with a few meals a day. When feeling ravenous, eat an apple, low fat yogurt or drink kefir.

36. Apples with seeds

The seeds of a green apple company contain a daily rate connected with iodine, and it inhibits the urge you can eat.

37. After the meal, try not to stick around at the table

Follow Frenchwomen’s advice and ask on your own is you are full only 20 min after the meal – otherwise a signal from the stomach do not possess time to reach the brain.

38. Inhale and exhale deeply

You have probably noticed that when you are stressed, you want to eat. The more often we’ve been nervous, the harder it is to get rid of hunger. You can deal with worried tension using breathing solutions. Inhale and exhale as deep as you can. Meanwhile, count to 5 plus gradually relax your shoulders in addition to arms.

Then take a deep breath, counting to 5 again, and hold an individual’s breath for 4 mere seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 minutes. Such exercises should be done 2-3 times a day or while you feel like eating.

39. Snack wisely

If you snack correctly, you can get rid of hunger. Some products may inhibit the body’s ghrelin – the actual hormone that makes us feel hungry.

Nutritionist James Kenney advises eating certain strawberries or broccoli once or twice a day. Only 40-50 calories, and you will feel greater satisfied than from a harmful meal.

40. Fall on legumes

Anyone who feeds legumes 4-5 times a week drops about 1 kg a lot more per month than those who just simply starve! The secret of dried beans is simple: being relatively low-caloric, they will contain a lot of protein and they are very nutritious. You do not consume a lot, but you will be full for years.

41. Smell vanilla

This is the advice in case you have a sweet tooth. If you prefer ice cream or chocolate, vanilla flavour scent will quench which desire without ruining your diet plan. It turns out to affect certain parts of the brain and is capable of fool your receptors. Take nearly anything C from a shower gel for you to scented candles.

42. Add volume

You can easily deceive hunger and fight against excess weight with higher quantities of low-calorie food. Those who ingest at least two dairy or any other whipped cocktails a day use up 12% less and do not feel hungry.

Why? The secret is that, whisking the liquid, most people increase the volume of the final item by adding air bubbles – which will, of course, have no energy importance.

43. Breakfast is half of this daily ration

A person should have an amazing breakfast! Most of us leave the main part of their daily diet to your evening, although you need to do one other.

44. Mix different flavors

It is recommended to drink foods of different tastes every day C sweet, sour, salty, bad, spicy, creamy. In a combination, they provide the body with nutritional requirements, reduce the unhealthy sense of cravings for food (i.e., the obsession with junk food and overeating), stabilize appetite and digestion.

45. Remember the Chinese wisdom

“Nothing is better for the slim body than sleeping with an empty stomach.”


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