How Many Pounds Do You Get Due to Stress?


Researchers from the United States have found that you or more stressful events in daytime may eventually lead to more weight in women. This is especially true if my wife a craving for junk food, full of calories and fat.

A team of analysts from Ohio State University contributed by Professor Jan Kiecolt-Glaser figured the link between stress and excess weight is mostly observed in most women, although the researchers believe that it is genuine for men, as well. In the course of case study, the experts found that the day after anxiety, the female body burns calories from fat slower than the body on the woman who wasn’t distressed. For a year, a woman could accumulate 4.5-5 extra pounds (9-11 lb .), the experts estimated.

The study engaged 58 women aged regarding 53. Under the supervision involving specialists, they ate high-calorie fats. The participants of the investigation also underwent a survey to figure out depression symptoms and stress during the previous day.

After the meal, the researchers regularly measured its metabolic rate for seven time, which allowed to establish that girls who had experienced emotional stress, had a slower metabolic rate. Along the way, it was found that the women exactly who had experienced stress confirmed higher levels of blood insulin, which will, in turn, contributes to body fat buildup and prevents fat corrosion, slowing its digestion and also excretion. This, in turn, leads to weight gain.


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