Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water.


Just when we thought the micellar solution/water battle couldn’t go on any longer, when it seems that every single brand has got their own version and variation of the beloved makeup cleaner, a new brand steps in and provide another one to the field. Recently, i discovered that the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water ($8.97) has made it’s way to this side of the universe. Previously this was only available around Europe. At the same time, L’Oreal (the parent provider of Garnier) came out with their own type of the L’Oreal Sublime Micellar Solution i always love and adore as a more affordable alternative to the treasured Bioderma.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy my Bioderma and stock up on it when I can, but truthfully, spending over $20 a bottle of wine is hardly a good way to spend money, particularly when there are other alternatives on the market.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water Regular and Water-resistant version

Now that the beauty information mill very saturated with micellar solution/water variations from what seems to be any high and drugstore makes, I thought I was going to pass up the opportunity to get myself one of these brilliant. And to be honest, I didn’capital t really have to go out and buy one. That this makeup remover system is easily replicated indicates to my opinion that the formula can’t greatly between brands. Which means, everthing comes down to how their sell. Bioderma holds the spot as being the “it” product to introduce this unique innovation anywhere int he planet, and in my mind, L’Oreal brought (at the moment) the most affordable drugstore option which will resembled the Bioderma offering the nearly all.

It seems that L’Oreal hasn’t maintained the momentum of the Sublime Micellar Option (or the Sublime range relatively) so they’ve decided to re-enter the marketplace with another brand (Garnier) instead. Just my two pence and what I think happened under the surface.

So why did I pick up the Garnier version?

Well, I realized that Garnier offered two variations from the formula – a sensitive strategy (pink cap) and water-resistant version (blue cap). Properly, that’s actually really great since i don’t think many brands (aside from Bioderma) offers multiple adaptations. Aside from that though I think the main differentiation is the price point. Trading for $8.97 at Target (where I bought it on a rollback for $7.97), it is drastically cheaper than the L’Oreal one if you look at it from per milliliters basis. L’Oreal’s offering stores for $8.97 or $9.97 for 200ml, whereas with Garnier, you will enjoy 2x the volume for the same selling price.

To be honest, I don’t believe that it’s worthwhile discussing the actual formula here as mentioned previously – it can’t vary an excessive amount given how easily cloned each product is.

The one thing I did notice is that the waterproof formula (blue cap) looks like it’s some baby oil inside. There seems to be a separation between water and top 20% from the liquid. The top 20% of the solution seems more opaque along with the tag on the lid suggests you have to shake it that will activate. Not cool – appears like they mixed baby engine oil (or something similar – I can’t fully tell from the ingredients listing) with the micellar solution and offer it as waterproof. What do you think?

Have a person seen the new Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water to get near you yet? Will you be picking this up?


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