Sunburnt Skin Saviours.


So it’s still winter, and also the temp is obviously anywhere close to remaining baking hot that would allow you to get sunburnt. However, I thought I’d compose this to get you inspired for virtually any Spring Break trips or upcoming summer trips/vacations (Feel free to check out living Set Travel Guide for many inspiration!) See, I grew up in a tropical country, familiar with 30C+ degrees weather so my own experience with tanning or sunburnt skin color is at an all-time high of no. In fact, I regularly experience so embarrassed that I can’capital t get tanned or appear to be I’ve just come back originating from a lovely trip even though My spouse and i take multiple trips in a year, as you might be able to tell from Instagram!

On a recent trip to Mexico, I managed to get so sunburnt that I was scrambling trying to figure out what to do. Seriously, don’capital t laugh. I was like a fowl running around with its head cut off (sorry for the graphic outline) trying to figure out to be best root off the pain, redness, along with peeling skin asap!

Fortunately, I get a stash of skincare items at home, and immediately rummaged by them to find something that would help immediately after I got home. The good thing is, my sunburn was fairly mild so my skin was only a nasty shade regarding red with a bit of peeling and also flaking. Despite this highly traumatizing experience, I personally credit 2 products that helped my skin heal sooner so I can get a restful sleep at night at night!

Before this trip, I didn’t really see the great need of after-sun creams / milks / lotions. I would buy them but have used them similar to how I would use body lotion, particularly in the summer months. That is until I webcam across the Bioderma Photoderm Refreshing After-Sun Milk ($23.95, available right here). I used up an entire television of 200ml of this product inside the first week that I got back. The thin, silky consistency on the product melts into the dermis without leaving a fried residue so you can put your top on immediately. It creates a skinny, protective layer on the skin to cover it from the chafing/scraping of your top against the skin as it heals. This after-sun milk can be applied on the body and face and the best part is it prolongs your tan, one which you worked so hard designed for!

Even if I am wearing layers to venture to work, or running errands, I really still spray the Bioderma Photoderm Spew SPF 40 ($29.95, available here) everywhere on my body. It’s so important for you to still be applying sunscreen, mainly in the winter season even if the weather misleads you to think that it will be cold and cloudy! The sun still sends out the same levels of UV rays and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation the actual snow actually reflects approximately 80% of the sun’s rays, and therefore you often get the double-dose of sunlight, even in the winter! I make sure that I get a good dose of sunscreen on my face because it is the most exposed part of my figure in the winter.

Even though I am not taking part in winter sports/activities that would constantly show me to the sun, I still believe in liberal employing sunscreen and using after-sun lotion/milk to protect this skin throughout the season and get away from the awful sunburn skin tone experience!

Now it’s your move! How do you deal with sunburn? Have any favourite products that aids heal your skin faster?


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