The Best of Bioderma.


When I am lucky enough to be in Paris, europe ,, I always make it a mission to you should visit City Pharma to do my very own bit of French skincare haul. Always topping the list, is certainly Bioderma’s Micellar H20 makeup remover, a staple in many makeup artists’ arsenal as well as a cult favourite of magnificence bloggers worldwide. While I generally stock up on the H20 Micellar Water given it costs so much less than choosing it at Shoppers Prescription drug Mart in Canada, I also endeavor to explore more of the brand with every haul because I’m a big fan of French skincare brands.

Imagine my excitement whenever a package filled with Bioderma goodies arrived – filled with goodies that I am passing away to try! Before I get every person excited about these products, rest assured that our very own Shoppers Drug Mart here in Higher toronto have these on level – so no waiting for these products to be released or pining away after having a trip to Paris to get your mitts on one of these.

If you are new to self-tanning, and also have never, ever self-tanned before, this is the best introduction to self-tanning that won’t provide streaks, blotches or distressing orange skin before you leave for a vacation. The fine air dries quickly on the skin and i also apply at most, 2 perhaps layers of spray. Everyone won’t see much end result immediately after application – I wakened the next day to see a very all-natural, subtle glow! Unfortunately, ever since the mist is not tinted, you can’t really see where you’ve applied the product, and thus, one of my legs a streak going down the entire leg. Fortunately, because the result is thus natural looking and very subtle, a rapid second application over in which streak easily got rid of a offending colour.

No Bioderma post is done without including the famous Bioderma Micellar H20! The following magical liquid removes makeup foundation so effectively and with small effort that you might start wanting to know what you’ve been performing before this became available! Rainproof or not, the Micellar H20 gets rid of every little thing so efficiently! Available in 3 or more sizes, a travel-friendly version, your 250mL and the large 500mL bottles, this can be a one product that I purchase backups of whenever I’m during Paris.

The amazingly nourising and long-lasting lipbalm from Bioderma is a staple in my handbags at all times. The slight spicey scent smells wonderful, this nourishes the lip equally well as other high-end lip ointments, but without the cost. Your lip balm is not only extremely moisturizing, but lasts quite some time on the lips too, in spite of food and drinks throughout the day. The tubing lasts a good 2 months regarding daily use! I know it appears quite silly to pay a really premium for a lip solution that is just as good as a Nivea or Burt’s Bees one, but test it out when you’re in Paris, france , the next time!

Despite the mouthful on the name, this moisturizer can be exquisite on the skin. The texture feels as though an in-between a gel plus cream, so lightweight that it absorbs very quickly into the epidermis without leaving any fried, or sticky feeling. A pump dispenser is excellent for when one is traveling, but can become a little tricky once you make it to the bottom of the bottle and even scrape the products out. Entire, a great moisturizer for any months – it will leave your skin emotion hydrated and nourished throughout the day!

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried any Bioderma products previous to? Which ones are your favourites? As always, I’d love to hear your thinking! Share with me comment department or through Twitter or simply Instagram!


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