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One of my really good digg friends, Jenn, tagged me to do that. The always swamped individual that I am meant that I allowed to remain it took me that long to get this unique tag together. It’s not too often that I sit down so that you can categorize and take products on hand of my beauty products, complete was a semi-painful process that was a admonition of how much money I’ve wasted used on beauty products in the name associated with blogging. Here is a look at the a good number of and least expensive products I really own,

I’ve never had to try and do one of those disclaimers, but this is a very good place to include it. Not created to show off (in fact, this makes me feel bad, because obviously, this priorities are not in order) whatsoever, just for the sake associated with sharing!

The Base Complexion

Face Serums: I seem to have a preference towards deal with serum without actually realizing it. I bought them occasionally, and realized that I have much more than I bargained for. Listed below are the two on both ends from the price spectrum, the Dior Capture Totale One particular Essentials ($130, available here) along with the Caudelie Vinosource S.O.S Hunger Quenching Serum ($52, available here) which is formally as expensive as the Sephora price tag lists it for. This breadmaker the Caudelie serum in Paris, france ,, so when converted to Canadian $ $ $ $, I paid just around $30 approximately.

Foundations: I accidentally featured not one but two here, but ah nicely! The most expensive foundation I personal is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($66, available in this article) which I bought when Sephora possessed their annual 20% off sales. Another pricey foundation My spouse and i own is the CHANEL Perfection Lumi


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