Holt Renfrew Beauty Bag Winter 2015.


It’s been a while since i have took a peek of the Holt Renfrew Elegance Bag ($35, Holt Renfrew Stores) – The last a person I purchased was in 2013. I’lmost all be honest here, since then, it appears that the price of the bag continues to be increasing exponentially while the attractions have gotten smaller. The latest bag costed $75 merely considering that the bag was a designer alliance (Rebecca Minkoff). Paying $75 for a bag associated with samples is not really that much of your deal so I’ve basically ignored those Holt Renfrew newsletter.

A couple of weeks into January, the Holt Renfrew e-mail hit my inbox in which showcased a much more reasonably-priced bag ($35). Next, i made my way to the particular flagship store, only to discover that had sold out. A few cell phone calls later, I was able to safe and sound my bag at Yorkdale’utes Holt Renfrew.

The first thing that got me was the brands that were inside the bag. Darphin, Guerlain, Cl de Peau are to mention a few – who wouldn’t grab 1-2 of these? Since the price was much more reasonable ($35), I thought it was an incredible treat to pick up for myself. I’onal raved quite a bit with the 2013 bag, so I’ll repeat quickly why I think these types of beauty bags are worth the cost!

  1. Size of the “samples”: The size of the trial samples really make this beauty case worth it C the size of these products are larger than the ones that you will enjoy at Sephora. I sat along and compared the size of this samples and the full-sized version, i was truly surprised that quite a few these contain more than 50% of your full-sized amount. Many of these samples are enough for at least two week’s worth of take advantage of.
  2. Focus on skincare: If you are a skin care junkie, you will want to get this case! There are several really great high-end skincare products that you can try, including an individual from Chantecaille, Guerlain, and Darphin.
  3. High-end samples which are not available at Sephora: A lot of these brands (except for Clinique, and Estee Lauder) are not available at Sephora, so you’ll get the opportunity to really try out something new that you wouldn’t otherwise be capable to try.
  4. $10 Gift Card with obtain: Each of these beauty bags will include a $10 gift card good towards long term purchases at Holts of at least $25. This really is super awesome because the the bare minimum for the gift card isn’t sky-high which will disincentives someone from using it. Many retailers that offer this kind of incentives to spend money require you to invest at least $75-$100 minimum; it is definitely not only a challenge to purchase something coming from Holt Renfrew for $25.

The focus of this bag was entirely skincare, so if you are interested in trying out some new skin care brands, or thinking of gifting mom or a skincare fan with something that is quite cost-effective, this should be on your radar. Being the thoughtful daughter that I am, I purchased one of these for Mother’s Working day (Yes, I am aware that it is 4-5 several months away)… and used the $10 for myself ??

So what do you actually get hold of with the $35? Here is a look at what’s included.

  1. Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque 9ml
  2. Guerlain Orchide Impriale The Eye and Lip Cream 2ml
  3. Darphin Age-Defying Microderm 15ml
  4. Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Whole milk 8ml
  5. Este Lauder Global Anti-Aging Creme 5ml
  6. Cl de Peau Intensive Eye Contour Cream 2ml
  7. Clinique Smart Customized Repair Serum 10ml
  8. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleaning solution 50ml
  9. Deborah Lippmann 2 Second Nail 101 8ml
  10. $10 Gift Card towards beauty/fragrance purchases around $25 to be used by Feb 9

I’t not really crazy about high end cosmetic at the moment as my dermis is okay using the budget-friendly alternatives while I build up my life’s financial savings. However if there was anything that made the beauty bag worthwhile for me is the actual bag on its own! This is one of those Travel Make-up Organizer bags that folds over and has plenty of space to suit all your beauty needs when ever you’re traveling. You all have a clue how much I travel if for personal or work-related, and this creates the best toiletry/makeup container for when you’re also on the go!

Overall, I think this is an wonderful bag if you are a skincare lover and want to try a number of high end concoctions at a budget. Any $10 is a great way to save on quality beauty products and brands. I typically purchase a product from a company that I would not otherwise be capable of getting on sale such as CHANEL or Cl environnant les Peau. Although the variety of product providing is not the most spectacular, the focus on skincare makes it every skincare junkie’s dream. In person, I love the variety of products provided, but the bag is what seriously makes this bag a genuine stand out for me.

Now it’s ones turn! Have you seen the fresh Holt Renfrew Beauty Bag? Will you be purchasing one of these? As always, I’d wish to hear your thoughts! Share with myself comment section or via Twitter or Instagram!


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