Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Review.


Joining the new colour extension inside Givenchy Le Rouge line up is really a limited sub-range called the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt ($45, readily available here). Combining the exquisite formula of the original Givenchy The Rouge lipsticks, and adding a contour shade on the outside to develop a natural-looking contouring effect effortlessly.

Available only at Sephora starting on Sept 3, there are five hues available – all are limited edition – whenever these are catching you eyes, get them before they’re went! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt

The new Givenchy Le Vermeil Sculpt features two colours within a tube. The all over lipstick colour, and a contour tone. Depending on which of the give you have, the contour tone is a slightly darker tone-on-tone form of the lipstick colour themselves. The only exception, as far as I will tell, is the #01 Sculpt’in Rouge with a light plum shade that tunes its to your lip colour.

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The determination behind the contour tone is to create a contrast which will naturally lifts the look of your lips making them look more voluminous and shapely.

The Use Process

Wearing this lipstick requires a far more careful application than an individual’s typical slap-dash (my favourite) kind of solution. You want to have a steady palm and go over your top rated carefully to ensure that the colour is certainly deposited in the right site. Turning the lipstick upside-down to repeat the process on the decrease lip was a thoroughly cumbersome process as you have to turn an individual’s wrist at an awkward point of view. Try it with your regular lip stick – you’ll know what I mean. The moment the colour is applied, I had to look at the corners a second time when i had missed it the first time. I find the best way to ensure you get an even use is to smack your mouth area several time to diffuse the actual contour colour and allow it to needlessly melt with the lipstick colour.

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The contour colour seemed to be a fairly obvious contrast when i was a little worried about to start with, but after “rubbing” my region together several times, the colour blended thoroughly in better and viewed far more natural.

Although I didn’to notice a significant amount of boost on the lips, I did for example how it seemed to make my own bottom lips look a little plumper and my overall lips to look more defined without the use of a lipliner.


Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt – the before

Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Application: (R) first swipe of colour (R) after smacking the lip area a few times to distribute the colour

Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt with #01 Sculpt’in Rouge

Givenchy Le Vermeil Sculpt Limited Edition Shades

As mentioned, you’ll find 5 limited edition shades from the range. The five appears to be while in the red/coral family with one green and 1 rose hue. I assume it’s because of the limited-edition characteristics of the range that makes more business sense for it to be offered in a limited offering. The shades available in this range happen to be:

  1. 01 Rouge – “magic” black and red
  2. 02 Violine – full berry and red pink
  3. 03 Fuchsia – fuchsia together with pink
  4. 04 Corail – coral and brick red
  5. 05 Went up – rose and berry

Although not advised anywhere on the website or website article, it seems that the lipstick shades were taken from the original Givenchy Le Rouge range. For example, #01 is quite similar to the shade #304 Mandarine Bolero, and #02 seems to correspond to the shade Violine Precieux as you can see in the swatches below.

Givenchy Le Vermeil & Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Swatches

Formula & Packaging

I also want to take a moment to say how the Givenchy Le Rouge and the Givenchy The Rouge Sculpt were covered to impress! Packaged in real leather and studs, these are definitely a standout piece in my makeup collection and pocket book. Definitely a conversation starter everywhere you are! You’ll be tempted that will reapply your makeup in public areas just to give your friends adhere envy. The shades in the assortment are meant to impress – they are vibrant, eye-catching and for those special occasions that you want to make a statement!

I’ve brought up it before but the blueprint of the Givenchy Le Rouge collection is something to write home regarding. Creamy, hydrating, comfortable, and contains a barely-there feel to it, using forgiven if you thought a person weren’t wearing anything on the lips. Despite the high price tag, how many brands can you say have delivered in all fronts?

Overall, this has been an interesting extendable to see from Givenchy and had the highly impressive Givenchy Le Rouge formula a step in place! Let’s hope we see a lot of these again soon!

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