Little Splurges That Won't Cost a fortune.


Lately I’ve been in the mood to buy but haven’t had the heart to go splurge too much mainly because I’m saving up for the getaways. Between getting a new photographic camera lens, holiday sets, plus putting together upcoming travel plans, I’ng been thinking of a few low-cost ways to shop from the drugstore along with department store. Starting by rediscovering the reassurance of MAC and Lush to help trade in a few empties family pet new goodies, I also talked about a few ways and tiny beauty splurges that won’t hurt your pocket book!

1. Trying out New Hair Products

When you are looking for my hair, I typically steer clear of the high-end stores and brands. I’t content with a variety of drugstore available choices. I haven’t felt the need to splurge on very expensive shower gels / conditioner when my very own $4 Dove shampoo/conditioner duo work just as well. Whilst I invest very little during my hair, I can’t help but feel a sense of self-importance since my hair is extremely healthy and thick – so much that my stylist could not stop praising it!

Dry Shampoo

These days and nights, I’m starting to take better care of my very own hair. I’ve invested in two new products: dry shampoos and also a cleansing conditioner. I’ve tested out dry shampoos from a assortment of different drugstore brands in advance of so it was about time for me personally to go back to the brand that became synonymous with dry shampoos: Batiste. I’ve got two of them, the Heavenly Volume level Dry Shampoo Plus and the Sweet in addition to Delicious Sweetie ($8.76, available here) unique fragrance.

I’m really enthusiastic about these as they don’t get that greasy heavy feel that the earlier dry shampoos I’ve tried using tend to have. The smell is rather fragrant, and floral and so something to keep in mind if you are allergic to the fragrance. Otherwise, the merchandise makes my hair extremely light and the scent gives my hair a lovely aroma that doesn’t linger long or unnaturally. So far I’t not having any issues with your nozzle which was a major problem using the Herbal Essences one I tried a while ago.

Cleansing Conditioner

I’ve been in find a new cleansing product with the hair – it didn’t get lucky and me that I already have a person thanks to Deciem’s HIF brand. During last year’s Black Friday sale, I couldn’t support but stock up on an awesome Deciem HIF cope that was offered for 1/3 with the price! I have been loving a Intense Detox Cleansing Conditioner that ($16, out there here). The minty scent renders my scalp feeling thus clean and when my locks dries my scalp will feel a lot cleaner.

2. Testing out New Masks

Masks are one of those things that My partner and i consider a little luxury in life. They don’t cost quite definitely but using a mask remedy kind of makes me feel as though a million bucks. I’m sort of obsessed with face masks, but something that are non-face are also a favourite. Sephora brought out a whole bunch of masks including those people for the feet, hands, plus hair recently so I’ng been stocking up. I’d pretty obsessed with these until now, and considering they cost $6 each, it’s a little piece of happiness to enjoy every Friday!

3. Upgrading The Basics

I don’t know about you although upgrading the little things in life makes my routine less monotonous. Take a regular toothbrush including – it’s the most mundane routine however for as little as $20 I managed to generate my a tad less tedious. I recently got myself an electric powered toothbrush at Shoppers Drug Mart. Whilst they typically can cost anywhere between $40-100+, I was lucky that I obtained mine at 50% off. $20 can be quite little to invest in improving my very own dental health while making my personal routine less boring!

If teeth are too sensitive for an energy toothbrush (even with the softest sweep / setting), try out the particular Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse Toothbrush ($8.88, available the following). The spinning motion is very simple on the teeth than the vibration of an electric tooth brush. They are easier on the teeth and also easier on the wallet!

4. Switch Things up With Your Skincare

One of the things I started doing recently is to use Konjac sponge or cloth again. These little sponge has been a lovely addition to my own skincare routine as the structure of the sponge helps lose dead skin cells without being too strong on the skin. Similar to makeup sponges much like the BeautyBlender, you need to wet them to cause it to malleable. The sponge perfect for those days when I’ve experienced too much makeup during the day as well as can’t be too worried with cleansing the skin.

How would you up your regular routine?


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