How to Choose Foundation


Perfect skin with an even develop is every woman’s wish, but not everyone can boast presents from nature. Fortunately, thanks to modern cosmetic developments, ideal skin is no longer a dream! However, we must be able to choose the right basis that will successfully disguise blemishes and make the face more attractive.

1. A pair of are better than one!

Makeup artists recommend buying several foundations, which often differ from one another in tone or shade. For the summer period, some sort of darker tone is more suitable, as it matches suntan. In the winter months, it is better to use lighter colors, which can refresh the image with success.

2. A lighter shade

There is a mystery for the women over 35 years old. In order to always look newer and fresher, they should work with foundation that is a tone or perhaps a few shades lighter in comparison to the skin color.

3. The right choice

Not to choose the inappropriate tone and get disappointed later, you need to try it directly on skin. It should be applied on the face, chin, or neck as an alternative to on hands, as people often do. The point is that the skin on hands takes a different approach in structure and colors, so it can distort a bad.

4. Not for the eyes

It must be recollected that foundation cannot be applied on the eyelids as the foundation for the eyeshadows or in order to conceal dark circles under the eye balls. The reason is that creams of such a sort are not developed for these locations. It is better to use special eye makeup concealer.

5. Magic micro particles

When choosing a foundation, you should give preference to the one that contains light-reflecting dirt. They successfully adjust swimming pool is important of the face and make the idea more attractive.

6. The point is in the hue

Many makeup products manufacturers create several different versions of the same hue, adding hot or cool tones going without running shoes. This makes the foundation ideal for a certain type of skin. For example, females with pink and ceramic complexion are recommended creams containing pink pigments. If a girl has a yellowish-brown skin tone, she need to pay attention to the foundation with gold-brown fibers.

7. Warm-colored powder

When choosing a powder, one should sit and think and buy transparent or awesome tones. Makeup artists counsel to take foundations of warm colors to refresh the structure and make the skin more attractive.


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