Latest Summer Beauty Tendency: Hair Tattoo


Shaven temples, rosy blush, soft nails C these are not all the crazy trends inspired by Instagram. Of late, we’ve noticed photos of women whose hair is adorned by using unusual pictures, like tattoos. We decided to find out what it is actually and why this type of wild hair dyeing has become so popular.

Instagram virus

It only requires one well-known blogger in Instagram to be able to upload a photo with an strange hairstyle for others to follow his or her example. Trends spread in a short time in this network and are pretty contagious. The same thing happened using unusual hair tattoos. These people immediately won enormous attractiveness among Western bloggers. Young women started uploading photos by using flowers, lace patterns, seeing stars and geometric patterns with their hair.

Who invented such an intriguing trend? The author of the innovative drawings is a stylist out of Canada. Janine Ker loves building hair a true work of art. The lady boldly experiments with graphics and draws entire dream worlds on her clients’ brain.

Artwork on hair

How does the hair stylist seem to turn her clients’ tresses into magic? First, a good idea is born in her mind, and it is transferred to her laptop computer as a complete sketch for the future work. After that, she accumulates sprays and colored head of hair stamps of the necessary colors, and transfers the idea around the client’s hair.

Very beautiful hairstyles

This form of dyeing helps you to be different every time, due to the fact such sprays are completely reliable for the hair and are cleansed off after the first shampooing. This option is perfect for a holiday look of your hair, a visit to a festival, or maybe to impress others.

Color does not matter

Many women wonder what hair coloring is best for such drawings. The reply is very simple C the dye is every bit as expressive on dark together with fair hair. Everything will depend on the intensity of application together with hair porosity.

A beauty parlor at home

The simplest way to try such hairstyle is to purchase special crayons or a bottle of spray dye. Today, these products may be found in a cosmetic retail outlet. The most interesting fact is their particular color palette is quite wide – via neon yellow to stimulating turquoise and fiery lime. So you can pick a color in your taste.


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