Summer Makeup Lifehacks Every Young lady Should Try


Bold eye shadows, glowing dcor, bright adhere – what else is in movement this summer? Our review involves the trends that can brighten your make-up and make your appearance bright and unforgettable.

Audacious kiss

Summer is not the time for modesty, so your manicure, costume, and makeup can and should be bold. Even if you do need to make up your eyes when it is boiling hot outside, you cannot disregard the lips. Make-up artists suggest to choose lipsticks of rich berries and neon colors. It is better to choose resistant lip solutions.

Bronze Lights

All kinds of highlighters became popular last period. They make your face skin glorious and attractive. This year, the top priority is given to bronze highlighters, which will successfully set off your auburn.

Blue eyelines

This summer, you can forget about vintage black eye lines, considering blue and dark-blue eyeliners are in movement now. Such eye ranges will emphasize light little brown eyes and give hazel-eyed girls a more clean and expressive look.

Thick eyebrows

In the summer season, there is a temptation to give up make-up in the least, and, if you wish so, you’ll be able to only highlight the eyebrows. A tinted eyebrow serum is best for this. It will give your eyebrows a more natural glimpse than a pencil or powdered ingredients. BUT: do not forget about stunning shape!

Pink cheeks

Focus on the cheeks would be the main trend of the season, so you’ll need enough rouge. Regarding young skin, it is pleasing to choose light, barely perceptible shades, so that they will create your haze on the cheeks with out turning you into a toy.

Shining decor

Flash tattoos, sequins, rhinestones and other facial accents are recommended. Such accents are pretty much applied around the eyes, on the brow and around the mouth/chin.

Expressive look

And, of course, we cannot dismiss eye makeup and bright eye shadows. In the summer, you can try pink, yellow, neon green, ultramarine and other striking colors.


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