Christian Louboutin Lip Colour Line


Christian Louboutin presents his initially collection of lipsticks and lip pencils. All lipsticks are a perfect mix of luxury and color, sensuality and resistance. Their formula is enriched with skin oils that moisturize and defend the lips for four hours, while the ultra-thin pigments give the location a rich, deep color. The overall of 38 shades might be produced, divided into 3 groupings according to the type of finish: velvety matt, satin and voile shining colours. Each of the groups will contain the Rouge Louboutin shade, placed into a black case. All the colors will be included in the long lasting selection.

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour Collection Fall 2015 will include:

Christian Christian louboutin Silky Satin Lip Coloring ($90) in 20 shades:

  • Sevillana;
  • Bengali;
  • Very Prive;
  • Impera;
  • Pluminette;

  • YouPiYou;
  • Let People Tell You;
  • RonRon;
  • Miss Clichy;
  • Me Nude;

  • Bikini;
  • Delicanodo;
  • Tututelle;
  • Belle Bloom;
  • Loubeach;

  • Tres Decolette;
  • Miss Loubi;
  • Farida;
  • Torerra;
  • Rouge Christian louboutin;

Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Leading Colour ($90) in 9 colors:

  • Survivita;
  • Diva;
  • Zoulou;
  • Just Nothing;


  • Eton Moi;
  • Djalouzi;
  • Rococotte;
  • Bengali;
  • Rouge Louboutin;


Christian Louboutin Voile Large Lip Colour ($90) in On the lookout for colors:


  • Loubiminette;
  • Escatin;
  • Tres Bea;
  • Private Number;

  • You You;
  • Rose du Desert;
  • Mexicatchy;
  • Petal Rose;
  • Rouge Louboutin;

Christian Louboutin Lip area Definer ($40), the color of which must be picked out depending on the natural color of a lips and applied by using any shade of lipstick. It will be produced in 5 colorations, bearing women’s names:

  • Ada;
  • Leanue;
  • Maya;
  • Safki;
  • Nats.

Lip Louboutin Lip Colour Collection is already available in the US.


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