Man's View: Worst Makeup foundation Trends


In the pursuit of men’s attention, we are capable of many things! But also in some cases it is better to decelerate: our existing and potential gentlemen simply do not understand and never accept (and sometimes openly model at) certain issues inside makeup. What are they? Learn below: we have collected commentary from men’s forums plus interviewed men. Here are the things they find totally alien in your makeup…

Too much foundation

A thick membrane of foundation and dust every 20 minutes (just because your sensitive skin is so shiny!)… Why do perform this? We just want to have an excellent single pimple, no redness or dark spots. And of course, we should be beautiful! Do we do this objective in the eyes that face men? No and no again: some sort of thick layer of “plaster” may be criticized by hundreds of situations in men’s personal discussions and on forums. Therefore, we must always reduce the ardor: men really love naturalness rather than the impeccable appearance of an doll and the face in an ideal “mask.”

Vamp makeup

Contrary to the classical law of makeup


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